Benefits of Using Fixense
  • Fast and Easy
    No searching, no waiting, no hassle.
  • Easy to Use
    Simply booking through the app.
  • Convenient Local Providers
    Rated and reviewed by previous customers.
About Fixense
Fixense is an on-demand app that makes it easy for you to connect with local service providers (including licensed plumbers, electricians and other contractors) to get things done.

When you need help, simply post a job, review the bids and select a provider. Before you know it your project will be finished!

No searching, no waiting, no bugging everyone you know to recommend a service provider, and absolutely no fee for all this convenience.
Book Your Service with Fixense
    • Select the job category
      You can choose from dozens of types of service jobs.
    • Choose your location
      You'll only be connected with local service providers.
    • Describe the job
      Provide details. You can upload video or audio to show what you need done.
    • Confirm and finish
      Your job description will be sent to nearby providers, who will then contact you. You can review multiple bids to pick the right person for your job.
Get started!
Download the Fixense App now and post your first job. Go to the app store or enter your phone number for a download link.
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  • Is there any fee for customers to download or use this app?
    No! Fixense is always free for customers to download and use. Fixense simply gives you a MUCH more convenient way to connect with your local service providers.
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  • How do I post on Fixense?
    From the app’s home page, either use the search bar or scroll down to click on the job category for the service you need. Choose your location and click the NEXT button. Describe the job you need done—you can even upload video or audio for the provider so they can better understand exactly what you need. After you post, you’ll start hearing from local providers who want to do the work. All estimates will be finalized once a provider comes to your work site.
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  • How do I know that I can trust the providers listed on Fixense?
    You’ll be able to review the profile of each provider who contacts you, including their special skills, background, certifications, and whether they’re bonded, licensed and insured. You’ll also be able to evaluate providers from the ratings and reviews left by previous customers. To avoid "fake reviews," the Fixense system only accepts reviews from actual customers, after someone completes a service for them through Fixense.
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  • How can I communicate with a provider?
    You can chat via phone with a provider, before or after you have accepted a preliminary job estimate. After you’ve found the perfect expert for your job, you’ll agree on a day/time for the work to be done.
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  • How do I pay after a job is completed and what sort of paperwork will I receive?
    Each provider’s profile shows what forms of payment he or she accepts (cash, check, credit card, PayPal, etc.) You’ll receive an invoice through the Fixense app with details about the job. If the provider offers a warranty, that will also be sent to you from the app. For your protection, always insist that the provider uses Fixense to send you the invoice and warranty--this way if issues arise, the paperwork is securely saved in our system.
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  • What happens if I have a dispute with a provider?
    Please contact us. We’re always happy to help.
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  • I just used a service provider through Fixense. How do I download the receipt to my laptop?
    In addition to the copy of the receipt that is stored within Fixense, you also receive a receipt via email for easy downloading.
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